Olive Oil Mill

In 2007, for the production of the Oil Triangle it was built the crusher.
The Carma mill has been designed by the Alvisi-Kirimoto studio (www.alvisikirimoto.it), the construction is the result of a study and a comparison between the architect and the shareholders on the company’s philosophy and then follow these requirements:

Low environmental impact: the mill is by it’s 3/4 underground of the external surface.

– Low consumption of CO2: in addition to natural insulation given silting and is chosen to cover the part externally visible,  front side facing south, with a wall of transparent glass block. The material used was invented by an Italian company for the construction of the Hermès tower in Ginza (Tokyo) designed by Renzo Piano with which Massimo Alvisi was a student and co-coordinator in various important projects. The wall was then covered with vines that cover it completely in the warm months protecting the interior from the sun rays and then from hot temperatures. They lose all their leaves in autumn instead, allowing greater sun exposure and decreasing the use of internal heating.

– Transparency: from the outside you can see through the glass doors the entire production cycle, as well as the building that contains the storage tanks. Only the local bottling, for maximum hygienic control reasons, and temperature-controlled storage of the olives are not visible from the outside, for obvious logistical reasons. The mill was purchased and improved with time and was always slightly oversized compared to our production, but this has allowed us to have greater control of production with less stress for the technology.

Having our own mill was a winning choice: on the one hand allows us to process the olives within 12 hours of harvest time – maintaining the low acidity – and on the other ensures that only the top quality olives of the 3 estate get into the production cycle. The result is Italian Extra Virgin olive oils of the highest quality, of course, an expression of the different blend of the three crops.


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