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Carma initially purchased a property in the valley of Bagnoregio in 2000, from the beginning it has been working to get the Bio certification and introduced the concept of permaculture. This concept has preserved the important biodiversity of flora and has enriched the soil reinvigorating those olive trees that had been abandoned for years. A neighboring property was then purchased in 2004 by enlarging the cultivation together with the “Ponga” site in the town of Lubriano and includes about 1,700 trees. In 2008 it was built the Mill and for the first time an extra virgin olive oil that is entirely of our production was sold on the market. In 2011, Carma has taken over the Corbara Estate in Umbria property of Giovanni Bulgari. Almost 100 hectares of organic cultivation which includes cereals and other 2,000 olive trees allowed to expand successfully the company’s production.
Our philosophy, aimed at environmental sustainability, has been further enhanced thanks to the fact that Corbara is operated by Carma, handling a large wooded properties making possible a positive balance of CO2 emissions. Also together with the management of Podernuovo a Palazzone, we supervise the management of their plantation of olive trees in Tuscany where it is produced the famous red wine. Although this property is not bio certified, the cultivation process follows the same philosophy for these plantations.
We firmly believe that the role of the farmer is to be the Territory Guardian and since we take care of olive trees, that in some cases they also have 200 years of age, our mission is to transmit to future generations these valuable plantations. In some points of the estate you can not cure the soil with machines so we chose to be helped by our Donkeys. Our products are the result of this philosophy: Carma estate is among the 100 best oil producers in Italy (Atlante degli Oli Italiani – Mondadori 2016), among the 300 best producers in the world (Flos Olei Guide 2015) and among the few who obtained the highest score in the guide Gambero Rosso (Oli d’Italia 2016)

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